Iconic Skyscrapers

Aura and Elara are amongst the best looking buildings in the country – but not just for the sake of it.

Form follows function

Most developments have a single building type repeated over and over again. At Nexworld, we have purpose designed and carefully crafter each building. They respond to the position on the plot and are specifically oriented to create the best view, and maximise daylight and ventilation. The resulting forms are spectacular and totally unique.

Linear building shapes = Maximum Views.

Typical Developments

Most typical building plans look like the one above. Look closely and you’ll realise that most of the view from your window is blocked by the building itself! You get a very restricted and narrow view.

Marathon Nexworld

At Nexworld, we’ve created a whole new linear building typology. Yo now get clean, unrestricted, panoramic views from every single living room and bedroom. Our apartments receive ample natural light and great ventilation too.

 *Diagrams for representational purpose only. Actual plans vary.
The result is for you to see.

Swipe left and right on the image below to see the difference in views between typical plus shaped buildings and Nexworld’s linear buildings.